Carly Bouwman is a self-taught artist born and raised in beautiful rural Langley, B.C.  Best described in her own words: “I feel that I was born with art flowing from me and I couldn’t stop it if I tried”, Carly lives and breathes art.

Carly’s most treasured part of being an artist is exploration and her work reflects this. Preferring to be open to inspiration from many subjects, experiences and perspectives; she explores diverse techniques, applications and surfaces which drives her to create, grow and find joy in what she does. In particular, Carly holds a deep fondness for natural forms and expressing how meaningful the welfare of our planet and its life is.

In addition to Carly’s personal works, she also creates custom commissioned art for clients. Creating her business, Vivo Fine Art & Design, after graduating from The University of Fraser Valley’s three year graphic design program in 2003, Carly utilized her natural skills in fine art along with her diverse design skills; hence leaving her business open to a vast array of unique public, commercial and residential projects. Her strong relationships with clients are a reflection of her abilities to closely interpret their visions and also to offer her own insightful creativity. 

Carly’s professional projects include: an extensive number of custom fine art paintings on various surfaces, custom designed murals, 3-D & 2-D props, decorative painting, sculptures, graphic design , surface design, illustration, hand-painted signage and a full range of interior design services.

Carly is now focussed on incorporating her love for art and design with her passion for making a positive difference in humanity and the well-being of our beautiful planet.